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a quibble with semantics December 20, 2008

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yes, looks like a thick fog is setting in on the thought-maker. no, experts don’t expect it to lift. [not in the foreseeable future]

yes, that’s meant as an explanation. no, that’s not the same thing as an excuse.


most recent glimmers:
– business talk last week in el barrio over two packages of oreos
– wednesday night on kenmare*

scary bits:
– was rolled into an electronic mausoleum at columbia fMRI research center
– a growing fondness for bright, shiny ingestibles
– writing a letter entitled “for the record” that includes the words “deranged,” “hurt” and more than one expletive

it warms my heart and chills my hands to note the former (far) outweigh the latter. thoughts that recur like skips on a record, then stick to my ribs like greasy breakfast. and if they’re extinguished — though i doubt they will — they could only be smothered with an ornate, victorian-style candle snuffer.


and for the record, i think about this so many more times than it seems. probably 300:1. generously, at that.


day 1: flight(s) September 11, 2008

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accidental self portrait (bullseye)

seeing double May 26, 2008

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just as i’m beginning to lose faith in synchronicity, i find these photos from late february. like most of my februaries, this one felt like crème brûlée. or even better: an infant’s head. all hard spots and soft spots.


6th st, jersey city, nj


east 88th st, manhattan, ny


ocean avenue, sea bright, nj

high times in the low country January 28, 2008

Posted by doug in important developments.

i spent a sizable portion of last week in charleston, south carolina. i had a lovely time overall, but the hands-down highlight had to be the 25th Annual Lowcountry Oyster Festival. now, i lived in the american south for two years of my life, and i’m familiar with southerners’ penchant for getting ridiculously drunk in bucolic rural settings. this festival certainly fits this mold, but with an additional 65,000 pounds of oysters thrown into the mix. one can imagine the glorious results. in addition to plenty of beer and the musical stylings of local luminaries “Johnny Mac and the Booty Ranch,” there were some truly thrilling competitions. first were the oyster shucking races, where contestants speedily separated oyster shells using special knives and gloves, along with the front of their torsos in most cases.

following the shucking bananza was the true pièce de résistance: the oyster eating contest. this challenge consisted of a dozen entrants drinking as many cups filled with pre-shucked oysters as physically possible within a three-minute window. the ladies round was nothing short of riveting, with the victorious woman respectfully accepting her prize (cash and a pair of tickets to the local chippendale’s), before leaving the stage and heaving a stomach full of mollusk onto a nearby tree. the subsequent men’s round was equally enthralling, and when the cups were finally tallied, there was a tie between two equally-intense competitors. of course, the grand prize (tickets to see kid rock at the north charleston colosseum) couldn’t be shared, so it went to a sudden death two-minute oyster-off between the men. i captured a bit of the action below:

as you may have noticed, my camera memory tapped out before the conclusion, thus leaving most of you in utter suspense as to this year’s reigning champion. i’m sorry to report, it ended with a collective tie for dead last. because when grown men spend five minutes furiously chugging cups of uncooked oyster for sport, everybody loses. i expect to see you all there next year.

do you have an immortal spirit? January 22, 2008

Posted by doug in important developments.

yesterday, i…
-had a long conversation with bob, a jehovah’s witness who approached me in the grocery store. throughout our encounter, he suggested that i must be a “bible-reader” and “about 31.” after an hour, i succeeded in exhausting his time. go figure.

-facilitated the purchase of a “jagerator” for my older brother. i have no regrets.

-asked my mother, “if they didn’t want it to be pronounced acid, why did they abbreviate it A-S-I-D?” before noting, “they could have just as simply used A-I-D-S instead and… oh, okay.”